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Technology: Internet of Things, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

I am an electrical and an electronics engineer  that builds interesting Internet-of-Things (IoT) projects, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence projects that showcases these particular technologies.

In my professional career I added some of the Solar PV to the National Energy Market (NEM), in some way:

NEM generation

I am considered an electronic hobbyist and based on my funding I levels, I probably am. One thing though is that I am flooded with entrepreneurial ideas each day and feel compelled to share them with the world….

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Sun, sea and clouds over the Isle of pines, Vanuatu


Nature has informed innovation for millennia.

Dogs are one of nature’s great gifts to mankind.

Dogs provide constant companionship.

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If like me, you believe that a person is more than a mind with a body which leverages technology. People need a healthy spirit to function at their optimal levels, if you want to understand what I mean by that phrase, then please read these Spirituality blog posts…

Link to Spiritual Blog Posts: Whether it is seen to be hypocritical or not, generally Christians desire to do the right thing!

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The use of Technology is particularly gratifying. My projects: Hootie the animatronic owl, a 3D human-bust scanner using a time-of-flight (ToF) sensor and IoT controller to position the sensor optimally. Another project is a temperature and humidity food desiccator using Bluetooth commands to adjust the temperature set-point from a mobile phone. Please look at the Blog page for all my ideas and products.
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Next Steps…

Jump in an follow my design thinking, what I learnt through the process and the end results.
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