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Gold Partners, more than 4 hours, contributed a week on a semi-regular basis.

Silver Partners, less than 2 hours, contributed a week on a semi-regular basis.

Bronze Partners, given at least 8 hours in total to this work.


Our Story

As you can see by my Linkedin profile I am a serial-entrepreneur.  I do however love the access to different people and opportunities that working for a big multinational corporation gives me. This website and the work behind it helps to combine my passion for entrepreneurship with my own ongoing development in the corporate world.

Meet the Team

Just me for now but I know passion attracts passionate people, so watch this space. Been chatting with Red Robot Industries and others to collaborate, etc

It is really a shot of me shot on a Sumsung S9+, cool hey!

Ian Boake, PhD, MBA


Chief cook and bottle washer, trying to get this thing off the ground and doing amazing things for the world. My professional, corporate 9-5 profile may be found on Linkedin, if you are really that interested you can find it here:


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Drop me an email if you want to contribute more than comments on the blogs (featuring products)