The environment and nature

The South Australian grid captured on one day. It is however the load profile of the future.

1. Aggregated PV will be the biggest generator:

2. There is a scramble by investors to be the Aggregator of Choice.

3. The system architecture to support this new Distributed Energy System (DES) is already underway:


I have the original string that was issued by the marine park rangers at Lifou Island, still attached to my wrist from the day that I went snorkelling there in late May 2018. Why, you may ask?… well, because it is a constant reminder of a wonderful day with my wonderful wife but also a reminder of a very

Red and green wool attached to my wrist is an enduring reminder of God’s amazing creation.

special part of God’s amazing creation.

Existing technology

An “Out of order” EV charging station

So what reasons would you proffer for not buying and electric vehicle (EV)?

Too expensive, not enough range or not enough charging infrastructure?

In the article below you should be able to get one for AUD 60,000 with 400km range and which you can charge from home in 2019…

Exciting new EVs in 2019.

The environment and nature

Most countries have energy labeling, but so what!?

It took me a bill shock event to get me to really think about what to do. Of course managing your energy is good for the pocket but it is also good for the environment.

Hootie the animatronic owl

Conceived as a scarecrow, albeit in owl and not human form, Hootie changes randomly between pre-recorded, real owl calls, flapping its wing tips and turning its head which holds a 10mW laser beam. Birds hate the laser beam. Watch the video, which shows birds (actually flying rats) offered yummy food and yet even the most brazen of them scatters when the head turns and they are exposed to his imposing laser beam. Its main use is to keep other birds from defecating on garden furniture (what my wife originally wanted it for) around homes or more significantly, preventing them from pooping on PV solar panels thereby shading them from the sun and reducing the energy that they produce. I keep seeing other applications like keeping seagulls off of boats.

Boat owners could benefit from owning a Hootie to keep seagulls off of their canvas biminis.



3D Human bust maker

3D Immortal – Human bust scan and 3D printing (MarkIII product)
Printed on a 3D-Cocoon 3D printer
Autobiographical 3D-bust of Ian Boake

This product uses an Arduino Uno (IoT device) to control the movement of the time-of-flight ToF  sensor. It also gives voice instructions to the user to toggle various buttons, instructs them to look directly at the ToF sensor and then press a push-button when the scanning is completed.

The completed 3D-printed bust using, this IoT product, is shown. It shows the bust printed in black PLA, albeit with the support material not removed, as yet, under my chin and it was not printed on a very good 3D printer.

This product is at the Crowdfunding stage (i.e a MarkIII product) so please donate with the Tag: 3D_Immortal, as your donation reference. Also if you want me to 3D-scan a similar bust of you, these will cost $50 each, so please email me. I do however suggest that you get it professionally 3D-printed, as the results will be substantially better than the example that you see here.

Gallery of images during the development stages:

3D Immortal in production.
Toggle switches and push-button used to control the ToF sensor, after being wired up.
The final 3D Immortal product