Dried Banana – make your own!

You may no doubt have been following all the food desiccator evolutions on this blog!

We started by putting a incandescent heat lamp and a desk fan in a plastic box with some holes drilled therein for ventilation, this was revision 1. The latest unit uses a bathroom venting fan and complimentary vent plus Arlec Bluetooth hub+temp&humidity sensor + switched plug socket. This all in a food grade plastic box with a basket that fits snuggly therein from which to hang the paper-clips. Recall these were bent into an S-shape for hanging up the meat to make either Biltong or Jerky.

The basket can have some aluminium fly-screen laid into it or shade-cloth laid into that basket and then fruit can be laid thereon to dry. I did that with a couple of sliced bananas and think this is my second most favourite snack, after biltong!

Yummy dried banana on a shade cloth laid in the basket.

The ‘secret sauce’ controller is a controller that can switch the heat source every few seconds, giving better control in making your dried foods. It also allows all interactions via Bluetooth from your mobile phone and if you connect to your local Wifi will show progress on a webpage, how cool is that! It also uses RF to control a plug socket so no electrical connections required. This is the state-of-the-art. If you want to buy a plug and controller it costs $100. Leave a comment we will get your details for an order. You are really going to love it! 👍🌟🍌

Buy this Bluetooth, secret-sauce controller which controls a plug socket.


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