Online Store (Affiliated products)

This affiliate store is what I use to pay for the blog infrastructure and to buy new devices to test and write about. Please support these product sales as a portion from these sales go to me and keeps me going. I try these products out myself so you can be assured that they do what the seller says.

💊 A TENS-based neck and back massager, at a great price and provides much relief from back and neck pain ⚖️, which I get quite often from spending fairly long hours in front of my PC💻 :

🍽  The Billies1000™️, simply the best-of-the-best (no wiring just a few bolts and nuts and pairing with your mobile phone  📲), the world’s first plug-and-play food dehumidifier 🎛. The best feature of this unit is that there is no need to sell the old one when building a bigger dehumidifier just fit the same unit to a new cabinet and adjust air-flow knob. No wasting of money in upgrading 💸. It is that easy. Full money back guarantee 💵 and 12 month warrantee 📜. All electrical parts are fully certified:

Or simply buy me a coffee if my sharing has helped you in some way!