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This work covers an international scope. It is also focussed on non-branded products for the home that are sold on-line by very low, operating-cost businesses, the so called “dropshippers”. This “dropshippers” business model has been around for a while and has these people mainly acting as marketers of products. You buy from them and they then hopefully get the distributor/manufacturer to ship direct to you.

This means they pay for the marketing efforts and add their margin onto the distributer or manufacturers’ costs.

The big problem with this area of ecommerce is that it has attracted scammers. You can get payment security through buying via PayPal and they will be charged back of you aren’t happy with your purchase, but this effort represents a waste of your time. In addition, you may have to wait 6 weeks for the product to arrive and then only to be very disappointed.

No getting what was promised after waiting up to 6 weeks for a product, is so frustrating…

This service reviews them so that you don’t and before you buy.

Also bear in mind that on those online shop websites (mostly hosted on Shopify) the reviewer may give you a sense of comfort but may in fact be fake.

Having that background out off the way let’s talk about some reviews now.

We have a guiding charter for this work as follows:

Our guiding charter

Products viewed and scammers identified:

3-in-1 automatic, household floor robot cleaners

List of scammers