Why read this website?

A bit about our founder. He started this blog because he has a passion to help people in all the ways that he is able to. This includes encouraging young ladies into Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture and Mathematical careers. A word from Ian Boake:

Hi there! I grew up relatively poor in South Africa and fought my way through Engineering school (Electrical and also Electronic). I did a Master’s Degree in Power Electronics (full-time) without parental support, did a Ph.D part time whilst building two companies from the ground-up as an entrepeneur. I also went to two different business schools culminating in an MBA from Henley (UK) whilst immigrating to Australia and building the worlds’ largest Iron Ore Mine. All these experiences have taught me some valuable lessons which serves no purpose unless I share it with the world – I hope you that you enjoy this blog!

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” – Thomas Edison